This week’s GOOP is about pizza. Which I’m actually eating right now as I’m writing. It’s Dr Oetker which is a LOT easier than what G is telling me to do with her dough kneading and other various gourmet kitchen activities. Having said that, there are pictures. Of her doing the dough kneading and even a shot of her wood burning oven that she had built in her yard. Dude, does the pizza really taste that good?

Anyway, click here to feast, in whatever form that takes.

Next up, and much, much more interesting…

Courtney Love gave an interview to a magazine called The Fix, “addiction and recovery, straight up”. Aside from the Gwyneth mention, you HAVE to read it because she tells the best stories. With some really famous people included in them. There are too many to list but I particularly enjoyed the one about Owen Wilson daring her to tell Harvey Weinstein to f-ck himself. Can you imagine Owen and Courtney, how cranked out of their minds they must have been when they were together? Not together together like sexing but just, like, hanging out? Jesus.

Anyway, click here for Part 1 of the interview. Part 2 of the interview is even more of the same candid amazingness that only Courtney can deliver only she includes an awesome Gwyneth Paltrow quote that you will make you feel love and hate at the same time in that special way that only Gwyneth can bring out. Courtney also takes a shot at Angelina Jolie at the same time.

“…(back then) people could convince me to do anything. I was fearless. One of my counselors at rehab told me, ‘You have to stop being the person that does these dares, let some other young…Angelina, let some other sucker do them.’ She was right. For some reason I don’t have the sense of self-preservation that other people do, which hasn’t always won me a lot of friends. But as Gwyneth once said to me, ‘Once you’re A-list, you’re always A-list,’ and I try to remember that. I get offers to do a reality shows nearly every day. But I’m not going to put myself out there and whore myself out. I may be a drug addict, but I still have some self-respect.”

See what I mean?

How much GOLD is in that statement?

First of all, for those of you who don’t believe that Gwyneth would actually spend time with Courtney – photo evidence is attached, circa 2007 Los Angeles. That was a pretty epic night. G and Love went to dinner at The Cut. They ran into Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. At one point, Cruise came over to G and Love and hollered complimentarily at Courtney that, “You look like a movie star!”


I f-cking love random sh-t like that SO much.

So yes, G and Love know each other. And G would TOTALLY say something like that. Maybe not anymore but back in the day, before she started cooking all the time and trying to please the MiniVan, those were so absolutely definitely the kinds of conversations she would have had with the people who were permitted to speak with her. Here’s a discussion I have overheard in bathrooms all the time in LA. I’m not kidding – not just one time, but multiple times, multiple places, always different people but always skinny and pretty.

Girl 1: I’m so into him. He is so into me too, I think.

Girl 2: He is so into you, I can tell. You got this.

Girl 1: What if he’s still into his ex? Ugh.

Girl 2: Um, she’s fat. He’s an idiot if he goes back to that. She has a real person body. It’s gross.

Girl 1: (laughs)

Chats with Gwyneth? They’re essentially the same. Only instead of judging body weight, they judge on access and clout and connection. Sigh. I miss this about G. I don’t know where that G went. But she was much more entertaining when she was the person telling Courtney Love that…

Once you’re A List, you’re always A List.

Also, Courtney Love saying, “I may be a drug addict, but I still have some self-respect” is just an example of the sh-t that Courtney throws down in this interview. I’m telling you – close your office door, get a snack, and enjoy it.

Click here for Courtney Love with The Fix Part 2.