Have you been watching Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways on HBO? The short explanation is that the band travels to different cities across America to explore that town’s musical history. I mainlined several episodes during the holidays. The Seattle episode sent me into a Nirvana/Kurt Cobain nostalgia black hole that lasted two days. I re-read Heavier Than Heaven, I re-read the Vanity Fair article – you remember that Vanity Fair article? – and I googled the sh-t out of everything I could find about Kurt and Courtney.

So it’s still fresh. And right on time. Because Montage Of Heck was screened at Sundance this weekend and everyone is saying it was worth the wait. Courtney gave director Brett Morgen access to everything – home videos, Kurt’s notes, Kurt speaking, music that’s never been heard before. It took him years to sort, even longer to edit, and the result will air on HBO later this year. Krist Novoselic says it’s “terrific”. Word is, Courtney and Frances Bean are really happy with the film too. Because they reunited in Park City for the premiere.

Courtney and Frances Bean.

It’s been a long time.

God, look at her. In the face, she’s EXACTLY the combination of her parents. There’s no mistaking it.

Courtney’s made very public her desire to re-establish a relationship with her daughter. I don’t have to tell you how gross the situation has been the last few years – the rumours, the allegations, eternal embers of tragedy from the mess he left behind. So it’s good, seeing them here, apparently wanting to show that they’re working on it…although, f-ck, it doesn’t take away the worry, does it? I look at Frances Bean and all I ever do is worry.