The Smiths are getting a lot of attention this week, particularly for the, um, curious Vulture interview -- click here if you missed Duana’s post on it. Patterns and Joe Kennedy? Child’s play compared to the cray cray that is Courtney Love.

I’ve been obsessed with the Courtney Love/Frances Cobain family unit forever. I was a teenager when Nirvana peaked, I have a longstanding crush on Dave Grohl (Courtney’s arch enemy!), Courtney dated Edward Norton (whom I still adore), and I love the name Frances Bean. Courtney has been a steady supplier of outrageous quotes and interviews for almost two decades.

As Madonna said in the infamously crashed (remember the MAC compact!) 1995 MTV interview: “Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now.”

And that pretty much sums up Courtney today: her Twitter feed, her name checking of celebrity friends like Gwyneth and her never-ending feud with Dave Grohl (including a truly bizarre accusation that he hooked up with Frances Bean, which was quickly dismissed by everyone). She’s accused Edward Norton of stealing $300,000 from her, but, as Vulture pointed out in this 2010 article, he is in good company – she thinks everyone steals from her. She also accused ex-boyfriend Steve Coogan of supplying the drugs that contributed to Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt. Seriously, is there anyone out there with bigger balls (and a bigger mouth) than Courtney Love?

This week, Courtney was on Howard Stern and briefly talked about her relationship with Frances (who she hasn’t seen in 3 years, but they email) and she said that Frances was offered the role of Bella in Twilight when she was 13. Frances dismissed it as a “sexist Mormon piece of sh-t”.


You know what’s really crazy? I totally believe Courtney, even though Twi-Hard legend has it that Kristen Stewart was always the first choice. And I totally believe that Frances, even at 13, would recognize that! And to all of the stage parents who say that their kid just has a passion for acting or singing or reality TV that they simply must pursue, consider this: Courtney Love, COURTNEY LOVE, knows that young fame would have ruined her daughter’s life. She scoffs at the idea of a 13-year-old starring in Twilight. Courtney Love, who was later the receipient of a restraining order from her daughter, shows better judgment in this regard than many, many Hollywood parents.

This week, Frances had a little Twitter spat with a reality person, so it seems she’s inherited her mom’s panache for public rumbles. I truly hope that somewhere out there a magazine editor is furiously working on scoring a joint interview. It’s #1 on my Gossip Genie wish list.

Attached -- Courtney in New York yesterday.