For weeks we’ve been hearing that Hot Harry is ready to tell us that he’s ready to marry Cressida Bonas. And now…

The brakes.

E! News reports that they’re worried that Cressy is too “carefree” for the life. That she might not be able to deal with the royal clamp. Said the E! source:

"There is a growing feeling among a small section of them that Cressida isn't the perfect choice for him. I don't think it's because there is anything wrong with the relationship or they don't like her, but there is concern that she is too much of a free spirit to be happy in the royal family long-term. They worry that she wouldn't be able to fully adapt to that lifestyle. They think she's too carefree and would find it difficult to live by the protocol that comes with the job, which of course it is. It might be too much of a constraint for her. And that could cause problems for everyone."

See that’s why Kate Middleton works. She’s controlled. She can be controlled? It’s a matter of degrees.

But this was what Chelsy Davy was pushing back on, wasn’t it? Chelsy didn’t want to follow so many rules. Chelsy wanted to be able to do ordinary things. Like…take the subway. Which is what Cressy was doing yesterday in London. No bodyguards, no entourage, just the tube, no fuss.

Where does he keep finding girls who don’t want to be princesses? You know what? He’s looking in the wrong class. Will went middle class to find a wife. And she was willing to make the jump up. The ones that Harry’s been dating might not want to climb.