It will be Cruz Beckham who inherits his parents’ love of the spotlight! But of course it will be Cruz. Cruz after all was conceived as an answer to the public infidelity – a message to the world: We Are the Beckhams. We Will Survive.

As such, thick skin and attention seeking was programmed into Cruz’s DNA, the first inklings of which were presented to an audience of thousands at Madison Square Garden last night. As the Spice babies were pulled to the stage, Cruz decided to seize the moment – click here for the adorable video and photos attached too.

Check him out all gangsta and sh*t with his stutter step… do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

And do you love the look on poor big brother Brooklyn’s face? He’s 9 now. He’s almost there, you know? We have a 9 year old nephew and we are bracing for the day – probably in the next year or so – when we will no longer be cool. When he will no longer want to talk to us. Brooklyn’s day fast approaches.

Also pictured – a good look at Baby’s little Beau! So cute! And Scary’s beautiful Angel. And Bluebell too. Am all over the Bluebell. Blue for short. Blue Halliwell – sounds good, non?

Have heard from an excellent source working backstage at the event last night. Am told the girls were particularly emotional following the show. Tears, laughter, hugs… observed to be “very close” and no sign of tension despite what’s been reported in the rags about the end of the tour. At one point, Posh was seen sitting on Geri’s lap while the rest of them hovered around, all five giggling secretly.

Appears the drama is over and it might be an immature suggestion but perhaps they were all in the same moon phase? Five diva chicks touring together – can you imagine???