Thanks to Jody for sending these through!

In Vancouver in March for costume, makeup, and screen tests – Jackson Rathbone, Robert Pattinson, Peter Facinelli, and Kellan Lutz out together on the town…

Wrote Jody:

My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to chill with some "vampires" a couple of weeks ago. The guys were very friendly and flirty (especially the guy that plays Emmett) and quite possibly drunk. Seriously cool guys.

Sweet baby Jackson…

Jackson Rathbone.

Oh la.

Kellan Lutz doesn’t do it for me.

And finally… because I love that you love it, just as much as I love it, another gem, this time from Alicia who, obviously, is very angry about my Nikki Reed/Pattinson report. Am particularly fond of the “dearest” salutation. Really puts the entire message in the right mood. Also appreciated the use of the word “please”. This indeed pleased me greatly. Enjoy!

Dearest Lainey,

Since you're obviously obsessed with Nikki Reed, I have an idea: why don't YOU f-ck her because srsly? Rob definitely isn't. So, another
idea: stfu. I'm pretty genius. Now, we all know you're a closet ~twihard and that you get off on starting these ridiculous rumors but everybody knows that you're an untrustworthy c-nt. The only reason anyone reads your blogs is because you're a creeper and get ~set~ pictures (please quit cock blocking them with your moniker). You know what you don't have pictures of? Nikki f-cking Rob. Nikki sneaking to Rob's. Nikki leaving Rob's the next day to prove they indeed DID spend the night together.
Get pictures like THIS and maybe someone will actually take you seriously.