There are times when Jacek is watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and he starts choking from laughing so hard. This may be blasphemy but Curb has made Seinfeld LESS funny to me. Remember the time he chicken meangirled that poor guy about his failed kamikaze father? Remember the car wash with the developmentally challenged? If you watch Curb, you know. Don’t think about Curb in a business meeting, or when you’re supposed to be sympathetic to a friend who’s having a rough time. Curb is funny even when you’re not actually watching it. Curb is funny even when it’s just a shot of Larry walking. He has such a dickhead dumbass walk. Sigh. Why wasn’t Arrested Development on HBO?

Season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres on Sunday on HBO Canada and HBO. Larry goes back to New York. The premiere was last night. Here’s Larry David on the carpet. And also Evan Rachel Wood. They starred together in Whatever Works. Still friends, I guess.

How f-cking badass is her new hair? Look at it from the side. I want to punch myself in the face I love it so much. All of it. Her entire look. Her new look. And her newly rekindled relationship with Jamie Bell. They dated before Marilyn Manson happened and Jamie’s never given up. Maybe she wears a little too much makeup though.

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