Click here for the Curious Case of Jen’s Hair Part 1. Otherwise you won’t be up to date with the discussion.

We’re examining her hair length in those portraits with Justin Theroux taken by Terry Richardson and what that could mean about when they began dating. However a reader called Marya (thanks M!) just pointed out that on June 14, Jennifer Aniston was indeed papped with hair that was of a similar length to what it was in the Richardson shots. See those photos here. By Monday of this week, it was a few inches shorter again.

Encyclopaedia Brown is going to have to investigate further.

What we do know however is that Justin lived with the ex-girlfriend in New York. And in February Jennifer Aniston bought her apartment in New York. Is that a clue? Or irrelevant?

This is a fun game. I want to keep playing.

In the absence of any new photos of Jen and Justin together, I’m attaching a few old ones of her and Brad. Mostly because he looks SO much like Charlie Hunnam here, non? Or Charlie Hunnam looks like him? And the other one is for the last time Jen had hair this length. I remember she had it cut and hated it and said she was trying everything to get it to grow faster.

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