Watching Jack was probably more entertaining than the entire show. Turning 70 this year and isn’t he still so f*cking cool? And also adorable when he wants to be? Jack’s daughter was Miss Golden Globe and his proud moment as she was announced was so genuinely endearing, I forgot for a second how incredibly lame the whole notion actually is… because Miss Golden Globe should have stayed in the 70s, non? And still it’s Jack Nicholson, Jack Nicholson who continues to define hip, Jack Nicholson the legitimate actor, Jack Nicholson who owns every role, and Jack Nicholson who isn’t afraid to admit openly that he does indeed covet the awards, that he wants to win, doing so in a way that isn’t distasteful or contrived, and through it all, Jack Nicholson ISN’T annoying…which is what makes Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson.