They wanted to go with two unknowns for the new Star Wars. We’ve already discussed John Boyega, showing up last night in purple and swag. And here’s Daisy Ridley who looked like she was floating last night in this white Chloe dream, giving all of us major shades of Keira Knightley. She too was in Star Wars, remember?

So far, many of the non-spoiler tweets after last night’s Hollywood premiere are about Daisy’s Rey, and how she was one of the major highlights, if not the major highlight, of the movie. How long is that contract, do you think? (Sarah’s about to jump in with the answer.) Probably long, long, long. Long like almost a decade. At least a third of her life.

Natalie Portman went on to NOT be defined by Star Wars. Is it because she was in the sh-tty Star Wars that no one wants to remember? I feel like in saying that it takes away from the great decisions she made in managing her post-Force career. And, of course, her talent. Given the raves she seems to be receiving so far, the same potential then for Daisy?