I was reading an article earlier about Vanity Fair in which it listed the actors and actresses that have parted with their clothing for a shoot or two. One of the actresses named was Dakota Fanning. Is this true? Is society really so messed up that perverted middle-aged balding men would look at pictures of a 12 year old starlet wearing skin-baring outfits if not nothing at all? And if so, what the hell is she thinking, posing nearly nude for a magazine at her age??? Dear Dee, In defense of Graydon et al at Vanity Fair, Dakota Fanning did not pose nude. But that doesn’t mean her portrait isn’t one of the scariest muthaf*ckers I have ever seen. Take a look for yourself. How many 11 year olds do you know who look this mature? And this freakishly creepy? Let’s move on shall we? Any more of this and I won’t be able to sleep tonight.