I suppose, if there’s anyone who could get away with the Valentino flower tulle explosion worn by Dakota Fanning at the Met Gala it was probably Dakota Fanning. She’s 17. Prom is still within the parametres of her actual experience. But f-ck is this thing ever ugly. And you have to wonder – did they really design this for 18 and under? I don’t think so. They designed this for their clients. So... at some point this year, some 40 year old socialite will be twatting around some party wearing the same. Imagine that? It’s hideous. It also shows a lack of imagination. And Dakota Fanning was supposed to have that young edge...

Sometimes a dress choice tells you everything.

Saoirse Ronan is also 17. She wore Rodarte last night. A much more interesting (even though the shoe selection is, like, a major wtf), much less obsequious dress. I love that a dress can be obsequious or not. I love that it can tell you so much, especially in this case, about who is wearing it.

Side by side, now you know why Saoirse is on top of that list of Young Actresses Who See The Best Scripts First while Dakota, who used to own that spot, is suddenly not all that exciting anymore. And arguably not as talented either.

All of that in a dress. Or two.

Photos from Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com