They were actually born just 2 months apart. Can you tell?

I can’t tell.

One totally looks 15, which is her age. The other close to 40.


Check it out – Dakota Fanning last night at the Hollywood premiere of Push, refreshingly fresh-faced and age appropriately pretty and then old hag Ali Lohan in Times Square for some kind of photo shoot looking more and more every day like a carbon copy of her wreck of a sister. On the way to join her too.

Most people would find it intimidating standing there, wearing a sheer dress on a cold day, trying to be distracted by the gawking passersby, the snickering, the eyeballing…

But Ali is a Lohan. She was born and bred to soak up the attention, to live off the paps, and she’s already addicted to the life. She needs more of the life. Only a year to go before she makes like her sister and starts living at the Marmont full time by herself. It’s a Dina Lohan rite of passage.

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