That idiot Stephenie Meyer proclaimed Robert Pattinson’s performance in Twilight worthy of an Oscar?

As you know, Oscar nominations were announced yesterday. Robert Pattinson was not included. And Twilight super losers probably believe it’s an even bigger snub than Springsteen for Best Song.

Seriously, I have the hardest hate-on for that woman. She makes me feel violent.

Anyway, the stars are still playing gracious after the Academy’s big reveal. So as suggested yesterday, let’s not.

While Pattinson tries to endure his newfound action figure fame, Dakota Fanning has been reportedly offered a part in New Moon as Jane, the diminutive vampire who can deliver pain simply by looking at her victims. According to sources leaking to, Dakota wasn’t required to audition and will be meeting with director Chris Weitz next week.

This made headlines everywhere just ask Dakota is making the rounds promoting a new film…

What a coincidence. Or was it a conspiracy?


Summit owns Twilight. Summit also owns Push. Push is Summit’s first release after Twilight, due out very soon on February 6th starring… Dakota Fanning.

Well done. For a little junior studio, Summit is totally kicking ass on PR.

And then there’s Dakota’s Push co-star Camilla Belle.

Camilla is on the cover of Nylon Magazine and manages to, during the course of the interview, namedrop “her friend Rob” into the conversation:

"My friend Rob, for that whole
Twilight nonsense, the studio was having them take all these (media training) classes. It was the most frustrating thing in the world because they want you to speak like someone else, not yourself. It's so silly. And I would be frustrated, too."

Of course this is the same famewhore who agreed to get papped “candidly” with her friend Rob having lunch one day in order to kickstart a new round of dating rumours, leveraging his wild popularity to boost her own profile.

You know it’s working when they start believing their own lies.

This is Dakota at the Critics’ Choice Awards a few weeks ago. Remember when her mom put her in a movie with a rape scene a couple of years ago because she thought it would win her an Oscar? Another child star moment brought to you by Parent Pimps.

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