Entertainment Weekly has the first photos of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan “in character” as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey, now pushed back 6 months to open in February for Valentine’s Day 2015. As you can see, Johnson’s Anastasia is all reticent and innocent sex. She touches her lip because she’s unsure, even as the petals between her legs begin to moisten and swell.


Isn’t that the intended suggestion?

There’s a lot of lip touching happening here. Not only is she touching her lip but he’s doing it too, only when he does it, it’s a sign of aggression. His dick is a stalking her through his mouth.

That’ll get ‘er done, non?

And what of the delay?

Smart. And much more realistic.

They stupidly thought this film could contend in the summer. They were out of their minds. February is a dead month for releases. In February they can run the table, capitalise on the “hearts and flowers” Valentine’s thing, and sell chocolate in the shape of testicles and whips.

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