As I wrote in my Fifty Shades Of Grey review yesterday, Dakota Johnson is the discovery of the movie. She makes it. And this took me by surprise, how much I enjoyed watching her, hearing her. Because Anastasia Steele was such a f-cking dullard in the book. And they focused so much on Jamie Dornan in the trailers that she was a dullard in those too.

But you’ll find, I think, that spending 2 hours with her is actually tolerable. More than tolerable. She and Sam Taylor-Johnson have basically given life to Katie Holmes. Which is why I’m now very much looking forward to seeing her present at the Oscars next week. The Academy released another list of attendees yesterday and she’s been confirmed to appear on stage on Oscar Sunday…

Hopefully with better hair and makeup.

This hair is a problem. It’s doing nothing for her face. And neither is her makeup artist, who insists on using WAY TOO MUCH.

She’s 25 years old!

She doesn’t need all of that sh-t on her face! Especially not when she’s wearing the sh-t out of that dress!