Full re-disclosure: Dan Levy, who writes, produces, and stars in Schitt’s Creek is my friend. He’s now an award-winning showrunner because Schitt’s Creek was named Best Comedy at the Canadian Screen Awards last night. Earlier last week, Dan also won a CSA for writing. I am so proud of my friend. But f-ck him.

He’s 32 years old. And he’s handling it all. And he’s doing it here, at home, where he wants to work, where he wants to create work.

So f-ck him. Because at 32, I was just starting my career!

Last year, when Schitt’s Creek premiered, Buzzfeed “discovered” Dan’s hotness with a piece called “Eugene Levy Has A Really Hot Son”. Now we all have to be Dan’s pimp. I can’t tell you how often I get tweets and emails and people straight up asking to my face how they can meet Dan. All I can think to tell you is that Dan loves Beyoncé. Find Beyoncé, find Dan.