So we all know Cousin Matthew died, but did you know he’s also on a diet? Dan Stevens has been making the rounds to promote his new movie, Summer in February, and his beautiful baby moon face that we all fell in love with is nowhere to be seen. And that’s not the only thing he left behind at Downton. Apparently, Dan’s banning media from even speaking to him about the show that launched his career.

According to Page Six, when they went to interview him this week, they were told by his reps that he was absolutely not taking any Downton questions. I guess not really caring about that kind of thing, Page Six’s journalist went ahead anyway and asked him if he still watches the show. Then, making good on their threat, the reps immediately ended the interview.

Now, obviously this is not necessarily something that Dan Stevens has control over. It’s possible, and likely, that this is part of the marketing strategy for his movie, not wanting it to be associated with Downton for some reason. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that this is not a good look for Dan, especially in the middle of his attempt to cross over into legit star.

When an actor refuses to talk about their past success, it simply looks ungrateful. It makes the original fans feel foolish. It’s like when you get dumped and your ex moves on instantly and you realize the whole thing was way more important to you than it ever was to him/her. There are a lot of examples of this in Hollywood. Sarah Michelle Gellar, for instance, was famously eager to get as far away from Buffy as possible. How did things turn out for SMG? Not so great. Know who was really respectful to Buffy fans? Alyson Hannigan. How did things turn out for Alyson Hannigan? Better than anyone expected.

As for the whole weight thing, obviously we’re not going to be body shaming or anything like that. That said, his new look combined with this bad bit of press? Seems like Matthew Crowley is changing. For better or for worse? We’re going to have to keep an eye on him a little longer to find out.