Daniel Craig in the water shooting scenes for a new movie he’s producing on location in South Africa. If you have a pulse and you’ve seen Casino Royale, the wet shirt will undoubtedly bring back memories of the shower.

Don’t tell me you don’t remember the shower.

After getting all manly man and killing his assassins, he finds his girl shaken and distraught sitting fully clothed in the shower. So he does what any Bond would do. He keeps his tuxedo shirt on and sits down under the spray with her, letting the water soak through the material, sticking tightly to his rippling muscles as he takes her hand and sucks each finger slowly, one by one, before putting one massive arm around her shoulders and holding her close.

It’s the kind of scene that should come with a disclaimer – a warning message for when you watch it to be with someone safe. To avoid company with temptation especially when the molten quiver takes over your good judgement.

Daniel Craig in a wet shirt – it’s porn isn’t it?