New Line anniversary party for The Golden Compass up in some house, only not a house, more of a mansion but when you think mansion the French architecture doesn’t quite come across and this was very much a modern chateau.

Only marquee attendees were Daniel Craig and Eva Green. Everyone else worth an A+ was on the boat with Clooney. And there was another bash for models and hangers-on at Eden Roc really not worth talking about.

So let me just explain, just in case – sorry to bore you if you already know – you’ve never seen how a red carpet works at one of these events.

Still photos first. Photographers camp out in their own section. Next it’s the tv crews. If it’s a civilised party, and it was last night, they will mark off spots. Reuters and the AP usually first and so on and so on. The stars will walk the line, usually do 2 questions max, if you’re lucky 3, and move to the next outlet. Always accompanied by a publicist hovering directly behind.

When he or she has a date or a spouse who isn’t famous, usually one of two options: publicists leads date into party first to wait at the end of press line to be rejoined later, or the date hovers in the back also with publicist. Usually.

Unless you’re Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig’s girlfriend is Satsuki Mitchell. In photos she looks a bit…hard. In person, she’s gorgeous. So unique looking, so striking… I can’t stop staring at her. Dylan says she needs to eat a bit but whatever… he’s all about the junk in the trunk anyway.

When we ran into them at the du Cap the other night, Satsuki was at Daniel’s side, wearing a black shift, chatting comfortably with everyone else. At one point she walked by us and said to her friend F&CK OFF, and we all turned around because it was quite loud. Turns out she was taking the piss.

Anyway, back to last night.

First the Hotness. This is a man who fills a suit. He doesn’t just wear it, he fills it. Every inch of it. And in a good way. A man’s man. A real man’s man. The kind who can throw back straight vodka, turn on the chain saw but also pull out the chair for you and read when he’s bored. Virile yet intellectual, smoldering but smart, and not altogether comfortable with the attention. Very squirmy with fame. Which might be why he is so attached to his woman.

They arrived on the carpet and it would be easy to say, like all celebrity “significant others”, that she was clingy. But she’s not clingy. HE is the one who is clingy. But not in a limp dick kind of way either. He posed with her, he would not let go of her. Then they made their way over to the tv media, all the while she is glued to his side, primarily because he kept her hand clasped in his and held it behind his back.

It was incredibly sexy. Kinda possessive but in a respectful way, you know? So she was not wavering in the background like some worthless tart but an important part of his life that deserved more than the shadow. You can’t even imagine how attractive that is.

I gave the play by play to my producer Laura back in Toronto. I swear I could hear her loins quivering from a thousand miles away.

Oh and the movie is pretty kick ass. Young girl called Dakota Blue was chosen above 10,000 others to star in her first acting assignment playing Lyra. Dakota will grow up to be stunning. Hope fame doesn’t warp her.