More for you than it is for me. Or least those of you who plead so ardently for Gerry’s inclusion on the Freebie 5. He’s hunky, alright. And talented. And Scottish. The accent is important. And not a famewhore. And sexy enough. And if he’s on yours, I totally get it. But my problem is choosing between him and Clive Owen and Daniel Craig – each unique in his own right but for all intents and purposes, each belongs in the same Rugged-not-Pretty-not-Conventional-but-Quivering-as-all-Hell Category and as such, which one do you single out on a list of only 5? But that’s my problem, not yours. And if Gerard Butler has managed to land on yours, no argument here. The man is FOINE. Here with Rosario Dawson at the premiere of 300 and if the box office matches the hype, it’ll likely turn him into a huge, huge star which means more Gerry all the time. Happy? Source