Many of you are excited about the new Bond, Daniel Craig. And rightly so. Jolie laide – ugly sexy – is that what you call it? I’m all over it gossips. Just like many of you are all over Clive Owen who would also have made a great 007 but the fact of the matter is, Daniel was chosen and you know what? I think he’s great. So anyway, you’ve been asking for dish on Daniel, here’s what I know…not much but it ain’t bad. Before the luscious babe he’s been squiring around these days, D was involved with a stunning German actress named Heike Makatsch. You might recognize her from Love Actually – the hussy secretary – it’s my favourite holiday movie, have already watched it twice this month! Sorry, I digress. Heike and Daniel apparently had quite a volatile relationship, like knock down drag it out screaming matches, then he allegedly f&cked Kate Moss, followed of course by Sienna Miller. Because when does Sienna Miller ever pass up an opportunity to Be Like Kate? Bottom line – Daniel is a real Bond, quite the player – the odd looking ones always have the best moves, don’t they? Love, love, love.