As you probably know, Lainey is the nickname, Elaine the one. And when Daniel Craig says Elaine… my loins, my loins, my loins. He pronounces it properly too. “Ell-laine” as opposed to “eeee-laine”.

Love, love, love.

Also love, love, love Darren, my Main Mo who misses me dearly, sent me a clip of this hilarious sketch for Comic Relief in the UK – Daniel with the incomparable Catherine Tate.

“I love you Elaine…”

Have watched it over and over…am quivering with endless delight.

click here for the clip - enjoy!

The photo of Daniel and me, originally of my girl Natalia and me taken on our balcony in Cannes – she asked me not to publish her face…so I didn’t. But I should. If you ask me, she’s hotter than Naomi Campbell.