It happened last Wednesday in New York. It was a secret wedding with only 6 guests – their children and two friends. The Daily Mail reported it first. We need to Encyclopaedia Brown this sh-t. Obviously.

First, let’s re-examine the timeline:

Daniel and Rachel work together on a movie called The Dream House in Toronto. They wrap in March 2010. Two months later, in May 2010, Daniel is sighted with now ex-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell. All seems well. They are not however seen together over the summer of 2010 and after.

Rachel and her ex-partner Darren Aronofsky were both at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2010. All also seemed well. Six weeks later, TMZ breaks the story that Rachel and Darren had split, subtly implying that Rachel had broken up with Darren for Daniel, that Rachel had been “linked” to Daniel for several months.

December 2010 – Rachel and Daniel are spend Christmas together in Somerset, photographed holding hands. The two are spotted through the winter at various events in New York including the attached below – a Broadway performance of Jerusalem. Now, just a month before the release of his highly anticipated summer blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens, the two have married.

It’s clear then, at least to me anyway, that there was overlap, right? They stepped out? On Satsuki and Darren? I mean, all parties are being super civilised (and private) about it, sure, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t offside. Privacy notwithstanding, the accelerated pace of the relationship also gives us a lot of probable insight into the nature of their affair. One word:


This was, and is, a torrid, intense, all consuming affair. They would have been inflamed on set. They would have tried to move past it after filming was complete. They would have attempted to go back to their other lovers. They would have been incapable of staying apart. They gave up their others to be together. And they are so into each other, so desperately into each other, they’ve made it official, even though they both went several years, and even a child, without making it official with their previous partners.

Is Rachel pregnant?

Well, Daniel married his first wife in 1992. They divorced in 1994. Their daughter is 18 years old. If I were to make a Gossip Educated Guess, I’d say he’s the kind of dude who prefers it that way; that he’d want to marry the mother of his child, that he’d want the child to experience that kind of parent situation at least at the beginning of its life.

And what of the timing? As already mentioned, Cowboys & Aliens drops on July 29th. Sarah wrote about the new Bond film a couple of weeks ago. Click here for a refresher. In combination with Cowboys, and Girl Dragon Tat, and Tintin, Daniel is poised to become arguably the Biggest Movie Star in the World, at least in box office. We debated this recently on the liveblog – is he a Big Movie Star, will the public ever see him as a Big Movie Star, does he have what it takes off camera to be a Big Movie Star, in the spirit of the Clooneys, Pitts, and Depps?

The difference between Daniel and those dudes is that he doesn’t play the game. He’s never engaged that way, in the media manipulation, in the press friendliness, in the image making. You could argue that Johnny Depp doesn’t either, ish, but his high profile past relationships, intentional or not, certainly achieved for him a certain tabloid notoriety that Daniel, up to this point, hasn’t had.

I’m not convinced that Daniel Craig, who has been terribly uncomfortable in the past about fame and attention, would change strategies suddenly and operate by the standard Hollywood playbook for professional gain. Having said that, it doesn’t hurt with the MiniVan Majority that he’s now a husband and an expectant father, especially since they did such a great job burying the cheating and the scandal.

Watch – if Cowboys & Aliens is a massive hit, come November, just weeks before the release of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Daniel Craig will be named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. I’m bookmarking this link!

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