Ohhhhhhhh realllllllllly?

Here are Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, together on a carpet for the first time yesterday in Madrid for the Spanish premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

It’s not like Daniel has never posed with his lady at an event before. He did it with Satsuki Mitchell all the time. But with Rachel being a fellow celebrity and all, and his insistence that his private life remain private, and the messy-ish way they hooked up, it was uncertain whether or not and/or when they’d trot their love out...

But then Dragon Tattoo Girl wasn’t a massive blockbuster.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

The studios count so much on the overseas box office these days, it wouldn’t hurt to give it an extra push over there.

But go on with your whinging, you grumpy whinging man. Go on and whinge about the life. It must suck to be a big movie star.