Daniel Craig was honoured last night at the BAFTA Los Angeles Brittania Awards. He walked the carpet alone but was seated with wife Rachel Weisz inside. And...I’m not sure they knew the photographer was taking shots from this angle. Bonus for us! Smoulder is a cheesy word but in this case, I think it applies. It’s SUPER hot the way he’s looking at her, right? And it is (hilariously) not hot the way she’s looking at her plate. Here’s your chance to suggest that she might be pregnant, not because of stupid unreliable bumpwatch but because of her nausea face.

Skyfall opens today on IMAX and tomorrow everywhere else. Are you going? It’s breaking records overseas, already approaching the $300 million mark even before its North American release and the reviews have been outstanding. Even more encouraging, in most territories it’s also carrying well over to the second weekend. Bond gets a one week head start before that Twilight business takes over on November 15. Am curious to see how Skyfall will hold. I mean, in theory, you’d think that it’s solid counterprogramming -- Twi-Hards on one side, and everyone else on the other.