The NY Post reported yesterday that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are about to buy a 4,350 sq ft penthouse in Soho valued at $11.5 million. Three bedrooms, three bath, 2,000 sq ft of outdoor space (HOLY SH-T), and, of course, all kinds of crazy luxury.

You want to see?

Of course you do.

Next to babies and pregnancy, people are most obsessed with real estate.

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That is a LOT to complain about, isn’t it?

No, he doesn’t complain about the cash money. But he does complain about some of the sh-t he has to do to get the cash money. Because he stars in big fat summer blockbusters and is required to pimp them out. On the one hand, he earns the kind of cash money that allows him to purchase an $11.5 MILLION New York apartment. On the other hand, sometimes people ask him about his private life and the public is really nosy about his relationship.

Am I saying he has to like it?

No one can force him to like it. But growling at reporters and throwing crust around during an interview when he could just as easily smile politely and politely decline, without making everyone uncomfortable and changing the energy in the room is a reasonable downside to the upside of living in an $11.5 MILLION home, non?

I’ve said it many times before - every job has its sh-tty parts. No one’s job is perfect. Sometimes you just have to eat it. You know who Daniel Craig is? He’s the guy with a better title than you at the office, who makes more money, and gets better assignments, and still sits around and bitches all day about how rough he has it, THAT’s who Daniel Craig is. Or was. Until he realised his movies weren’t heating up the box office the way he wanted them to and had to bring his wife out onto the carpet and smile for the people.