Oscar Bond!

Daniel Craig’s presence in LA suggests he will be a presenter at the Oscars on Sunday. Oh Academy. We know you were trying to keep the secret, but you can’t expect them not to go out!

This is Daniel Craig last night leaving the Women in Film 2nd annual party. A rare sighting without Satsuki…

Have I ever mentioned there are Daniel Craig super crazies out there too?

They hate Satsuki. Hate. Her. And while their level of lunacy isn’t quite the Brange or Aniston or Twi-loser, no doubt they will feel very encouraged that Daniel stepped out without his fiancee for a change. Break up celebration parties are already happening as you read.

Will be surprising come Sunday though not to see her on his arm. Watch out for it.

And RDJ was there too, his usual charming self, signing autographs… and a fresh new haircut? Looks shorter. His little man bag kills me. Can’t wait to see him on the red carpet. Best way to top off a comeback year.

Forget Mickey Rourke…

In 12 short months, RDJ has owned the box office, brought Comedy to the Academy, stepped into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes, AND is nominated for an Oscar.

Best of all, clean and sober.

Photos from Wenn.com