Word is he’s extremely uncomfortable at these events. Which is why he seems to cling to her for support. It’s very sweet. Not like a limp dick or anything. Just… one person needing another. This isn’t weakness is it?

F-ck me. Sleeplessness = Oprahliness.


Anyway, they made their way down the carpet, reluctant to detach even for a moment, and then as soon as they moved away from the final photo wall towards the steps leading up to the Kodak, he looked at her and they hugged. This is right after Laura hissed at me that Satsuki Mitchell is ugly.

She is not ugly.

She’s just not conventionally goodlooking. And Laura is coming down with a cold.

Actually liked Satsuki’s dress very much. It works for her. It wouldn’t work on a blonde, say, like Katherine Heigl – shudder! - but on a woman with such unusually beguiling features, I do not object.


Of course you object.

She’s one of those we will never agree on.

But let me ask you this: do you object more to her than you do to Sarah Jessica Parker. Heh.

Photos from Wenn.com

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