It’s not often that Daniel Craig shows up on a carpet that’s not his own…but there he was last night, at the LA premiere of Pineapple Express, with his Satsuki by his side, making love to every inch of that suit, in good spirits and causing a frenzy among the fans. F&ck he’s a sexy beast. How could anyone have doubted this Bond?

As for the premiere – it’s a testament now to the power of Judd Apatow and also the stature of our Canadian Seth Rogen, that the event was so well attended, drawing out the reclusive 007 himself.

Or … maybe Daniel just loves weed?

I could totally see him chill back with a joint on a beach. Or on the patio. Even outside a tent in the wilderness, roasting marchmellows, after he skins a fish and cooks it for me. I don’t camp. Ew. But I would totally luxury camp with Daniel Craig.

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