I like Bond movies but I'm no Bond historian. Spectre, the title of Bond 24, just announced today, will mean something to Bond nerds though the way "alohomora" means something to Potterheads (me). For many, a Bond film is an Event. My best friend Fiona is big on Bond. She'll see it the first weekend. She'll be able to point out all the nods to the legacy. What’s been great about the franchise lately though is that you don’t have to know the old sh-t to be able to enjoy the new.

Returning for new Bond, of course, is Daniel Craig as 007. Naomie Harris is back, Ralph Fiennes is back, Ben Whishaw and joining them this time:

Monica Bellucci, an EXCELLENT Bond girl – the fiery, passionate one. She’s 50. A Bond woman. A 50 year old Bond woman. Come on, you’re down with this choice, right? Bond girls don’t have to be 19 anymore.

Lea Seydoux, a good Bond girl – the mysterious, French one.

And Christoph Waltz, presumably the villain? Why can’t Monica Bellucci be the villain?