Daniel Craig showed up at an Ian Fleming tribute this weekend wearing a sling for an injury UK tabloids are assuming was sustained while shooting final sequences for Bond.

The big Bond London premiere is happening on October 29th. It’s the red carpet event of the season… even the princes will be there. And of course, all eyes will be on Daniel front and centre, with his fiancée Satsuki Mitchell as always, and the heavy pressure of a followup.

Casino Royale was so well received, can Quantum measure up?

As for Daniel’s hot sling – how are they rocking these killer slings? First Madonna, now DC. When Mischa Barton broke my elbow I was stuck with one that was loser blue, with Velcro, made from 1970s car upholstery that sponges up sweat and releases the stink on hot days.

Are slings like these available to the public?

This will be my new business, after starting up BeJessicasFriend.com – launching a stylish sling line with different colour strap options in stripes and polka dots and skulls too, cool fabrics, high end options like cashmere linings, a hidden cell phone pouch, a signature lining inside, and more.

Don’t steal my idea!

Photos from Wenn.com