Daniel Craig is spending the holidays in St Barts with Satsuki Mitchell and her killer body and also a large group of their friends. Wonder if the trip’s on him? If I had his Bond money, I’d totally whisk all my girls and away on vacation. But maybe not their children. Daniel is a better person than me.

Daniel with child– not my flavour but all you baby freaks must be losing your sh-t. And let’s throw in a little Photo Assumption too: Satsuki’s face – she totally wants one, right? There were rumours she was pregnant during Quantum promotion. From the looks of her in a bikini… clearly not. From the looks of how he’s all over her, perhaps they are working on it.

I’m not ordinarily down with dudes who swim in these trunks but … he’s Bond. He makes it work. He makes it work in every right place.

Photos from Flynetonline.com