Arguments for:
-HeΓÇÖs all over the movies this season with two major releases (TinTin, Dragon Tattoo Girl) and it certainly makes sense from a marketing push
-After the underwhelming performances of Cowboys & Aliens and Dream House, he might need a little popoularity juice
-Daniel Craig is old school sex appeal: this is a man for men and for women

Arguments against:
-ItΓÇÖs a year too early. Skyfall Bond is due in 2012. Exactly 12 months from now. Makes so much more sense to time his title along with the return of a franchise that was almost dead.
-He hates this sh-t. He hates press, he hates attention, he hates having to be looked at, paid attention to. The SMA is a crown that must be accepted. Willingly. It usually comes with an exclusive interview. About being the Sexiest Man Alive. Daniel Craig can barely answer questions about his movies, I canΓÇÖt imagine him sitting through a session related to why and how heΓÇÖs the most desired man on earth.
-HeΓÇÖs intensely private and being named SMA would open him up to a level of scrutiny heΓÇÖd be very uncomfortable with, especially considering heΓÇÖs newly married, and the subject of his marriage has so far been totally off-limits.
-HeΓÇÖs not American. IΓÇÖm just going to say this over and over again because people skim read: PEOPLE has never ever named back to back non-Americans to the SMA title. Ever. I donΓÇÖt know that Daniel Craig is worth busting that record for.

Odds: 18 to 1