Daniel Craig arrived in Toronto last night to work on reshoots for Dream House. Rachel Weisz is supposed to be working on it too. Dream House of course was filmed last year, February/March-ish and then 6 months later, Weisz and Darren Aronofsky were done and Satsuki Mitchell can’t be found.


It’s fair to say then that the seed was there, right? The seed of their love? From where it grew? Where they couldn’t deny their chemistry and went home thinking about each other and made every kiss longer and linger and couldn’t wait to get to the set the next morning to be together again…?

Anyway, turns out Lorella Jeopardy was on Craig’s flight. She sent me a note – he’s VERY handsome. And then she emailed me this:

Omg when we were in the customs lineup (craig was in it) someone whistled the james bond theme and a bunch of people giggled. Hilarious.

Photos from INF