Last night in London, Daniel Craig smartly dressed, hitting up an ATM in St Johns Wood. You know I’m all over him in a suit. But training for his third Bond hasn’t started. So… he’s probably not as lean as he has been. I’m just saying it looks a bit tight.

Also in grey – over in LA, Bradley Cooper at the premiere of The Hangover, being hailed as this summer’s best comedy.

My husband is working hair like this right now – slightly shorter. It’s making me very happy. Except when he tries to style it himself. Because he has loser taste and ends up looking like an eastern European hockey player circa 1986.

We’ll do something about this before our Smut Soiree. But I digress.

About Bradley – totally into the hair. Still undecided about the overall package. Does he have style? Can he wear pants?

At MuchMusic last week those pants were awful snug. But he made up for it with the eyef-cking.

Does good eyef-cking trump bad pants?

Who wins the grey suit-off?

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