The Bond franchise has a significant fan base in Canada. As such, Daniel Craig and a few others from Quantum came to Canada for a quick day of media two weeks before the premiere in London. Daniel was supposedly not made available for an official photograph session but paps did catch him leaving the Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville en route to the airport…

My friend Laura, who lives for him, as you can imagine she’s been waiting for today for a long, long time and eTalk was one of the outlets to secure an interview. I forgot to ask her if she had her blown out especially for the occasion but I did however message her now wondering if he had just left her luxuriating in the bathtub. Her response?

“MY GOD Elaine – in person, he’s tall, built and FLAWLESS. I’m even more inflamed if that’s humanly possible.”

Apparently Daniel Craig has turned Laura into Dumbledore.


Also amazing…

The film.

Several journalists who screened it said Quantum is “spectacular” and “powerful”…which is a huge relief. Because the title certainly isn’t and follow-ups can be a letdown. One more thing? They said Olga Kurylenko is one of the hottest Bond girls in years.

He’s coming…

Can’t wait!

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