Oh hey Crusty! How’s this? A smile during an interview? Some good humour on The Today Show? But you hate the dog and pony show!

As you know, I’m kinda tired of Daniel Craig’s whinging about the media and publicity and spotlight and attention paid to his personal life. I’ve already written about it at length here. Daniel Craig makes the kind of multi-million dollar movies that come with a marketing campaign. Claiming ignorance and/or disdain for this is disingenuous and, frankly, really weak. Suck it up, son. Or don’t sign on to Cowboys & Aliens.

But... if you have to criticise a reality show idiot the way you did the Kardashians...

Please, Mr Craig, may I have your opinion on Clint Eastwood? Click here if you missed my post on the Eastwood reality show and how it relates to Daniel Craig who looks very ruggedly handsome in these photos in his brown sweater though I’m not totally sure about the denim jacket and the scarf.