This is for my good friend who shall remain nameless.

Up until a few months ago, her lust was all about Daniel Craig. She, like me, is an anglophile. She has loved Daniel since his Bond confirmation. When I used to tease her about his Asian preference, threatening to move in there in Cannes or wherever, she’d always hiss at me and stick her finger in my arm: I will cut you!

But it’s been a long time since Daniel has been top of loin. She’s been suffering from the Robert Pattinson Sickness since meeting him when he came into the office and then seeing the movie. Serious raging sick. Some of us have been considering an intervention…

Thankfully, relief came recently in the form of the Twilight DVD due out Saturday. We received an advance copy and after screening it last weekend with the audio commentary, it appears her illness is slowly working itself out of her system. Listening to him talk about himself for two hours, that apparently did the trick. She was quick to defend that, after all, he is only 22, but the fact remains: he is an actor, a narcissist, and while most of his comments were self deprecating, they were also ALL about him. He is his favourite subject. And even she couldn’t bear it.

We are all so relieved.

So this should help her along. Some photos of Daniel Craig in London under a jaunty hat, all manly man, carrying an Omega bag which I’ve decided, unrealistically, must be his packed lunch for the day (snort), dashing to his car to avoid being photographed, as always terribly uncomfortable with being famous.

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