No doubt you’ve seen the new Bond trailer…and if you haven’t, these are the stills that are quivering loins everywhere.

Laura texted me this morning on this holiday weekend (the message title was "OH MY F&CKING") aching in her lady parts. She’s seeing Wanted tonight and will probably ache some more. You know two TIFFs ago, when James McAvoy had like 57 movies at the festival, he was in our eTalk lounge practically every other day? This is BEFORE he married Anne-Marie Duff.

Laura did not make a move. At the time, Laura failed to appreciate his gifts. It is something she regrets every day. Poor Laura.

Sorry…this is about Bond. About Daniel Craig. About Daniel Craig in bed. And out of bed with wet hair and skin tight pants. The new Bond is coming in November. I was never a Bond girl growing up. Daniel has changed me.