Gorgeous, Grim Bond

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 22, 2015 16:39:50 July 22, 2015 16:39:50

There’s a new trailer for the latest Bond movie, Spectre, and we finally get a clear look at some of the new characters in play, including Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx, Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux as the femme fatales, and Christoph Waltz as Totally Not Blofeld. Officially Waltz’s character is listed as “Franz Oberhauser”, but after the John Harrison/Khan bullsh*t Star Trek Into Darkness pulled and the ongoing March Of Lies surrounding Game of Thrones/Jon Snow, who the f*ck even believes filmmakers anymore? At this point, if Waltz really is playing legendary Bond villain Blofeld, no one will be surprised. We’ll all just be annoyed by the unnecessary fake out that we saw coming from a mile away because we are not idiots. Stop treating us like idiots, filmmakers.

Spectre is due out in November and only just finished principal photography a couple weeks ago, which is pushing it, but as Lainey previously mentioned, they’re spending serious coin on this movie so they ought to be able to get through post-production without too much trouble. And it does look great. The budget has been a concern as was revealed in the Sony Hack, and yeah, it does have that “money burning on a screen” look, but it’s also very beautiful. Skyfall was a gorgeous movie to look at, and Spectre seems to be carrying on that tradition.

My one question for this movie, though, is whether or not Daniel Craig is completely miserable. He looks even more cranky than usual throughout the trailer. And I’m getting a whiff of grimdark from the trailer, particularly the hints about Bond’s past. We already did that in Skyfall, do we need to revisit it? I’m a big fan of Craig’s take on James Bond and I really like both Casino Royale and Skyfall as reinventions of the character and franchise, but Spectre is giving me strong Batman vibes, with the poor little rich boy angle they’re taking on Bond—I don’t need Bond to go Full Batman. This is what happens when everyone tries to make every-f*cking-thing gritty—eventually it all starts to look the same.