Daniel Craig was on Kimmel last night. They did a bit about James Bond cocktails. It’s not often but I love when he participates in comedy sketches. And it’s effective because he’s usually so severe. Remember when he did that thing with Catherine Tate a few years ago? Still funny. I’ve embedded again below, right underneath the Kimmel video.

So we’re used to seeing him wear the sh-t out of a suit. But Daniel Craig in a brown leather jacket arriving at the show? Over jeans? Goddamn goddamn. Goddamn enough to be PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive? You know Kimmel will announce the 2015 SMA tonight. You know my prediction is Will Smith and Daniel as my backup. Does the fact that he was on Kimmel already this week mean that he’s definitely NOT the SMA? Or does it mean that he could have pre-taped the SMA segment to air a day later?