This is the new cover of Entertainment Weekly in advance of the release of Cowboys & Aliens which I want to see so badly. But...I'm not loving the way that Daniel Craig's pants are not hanging on him here next to Harrison Ford. You?

Cowboys & Aliens is the first of two expected massive box office hits for Daniel this year. The second of course is Girl Dragon Tat, due out in December and we've already discussed this at length - whether or not he's to be the biggest Movie Star. Was he on Bill Simmons's list? (I'm waiting to intv Hugh Jackman at this writing and can't look it up. No wait, I just did. And he's not. So that's another flaw in Simmons's logic. HOW do you include Justin Timberlake and NOT Daniel Craig???)

Cowboys is expected to be a huge draw here at Comic-Con. Daniel is also making the rounds on the talk show circuit. Jay Leno talked to him about the Wedding. He was, as expected, reluctant to discuss it, even though the Dream House trailer just dropped this week. Still no confirmed release date. So it's smart of them, to leverage Daniel's exposure for Cowboys right now and use it to generate some interest for their small little picture, made even more intriguing by the romance and subsequent marriage of its two stars.

There's a shot in the trailer of Daniel and Rachel Weisz rolling around in bed. It's an insightful glimpse. And it has to be. Because something ignited between the two that was so torrid, so unavoidable, it led to two broken relationships.

As for how the movie looks - I kept thinking it was the Sixth Sense or The Others. Have they given away too much? Or is the real mystery something else?

Also attached - Daniel leaving Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. He really does loathe being a celebrity.

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