Daniel Craig in Rome promoting Bond, making his way across Europe. The first reviews for the film are now coming in.

Relief! It’s not sh-t!

It is however very, very angry. Because Bond is on a tear. Which is why he rages throughout the entire film with supposedly no other emotional range at all – according to Entertainment Weekly.

When I mentioned this to my friend Laura who is DC obsessed she defended him with such ferocity (he lost the love of his life!!!) that I had to back away slowly over email. Now we are fighting in capital letters over Robert Pattinson. She actually admitted to me that she thinks he’ll make a good Edward (Twilight). Abandoner!

Anyway… Sorry to digress.

About Bond…

Daniel is signed on for 2 more.

And then?

He said the other day, on the heels of the Obama victory, that the next Bond should be black. A black Bond.

I’m all over it. But …

You remember the fuss they tossed when they chose Daniel Craig? A BLONDE Bond?

What would they say about a black one?

If it were me, I’d cast Idris Elba.

PS. Satsuki pregnancy buzz picking up steam.

Photos from Flynetonline.com