Rachel Weisz has been promoting The Whistleblower in New York. There was a premiere last night and then an afterparty. She was spotted leaving hand in hand with husband Daniel Craig. He never smiles, as you know, when he gets papped, but in photo assuming these shots, does he seem extra tense to you?

I’ve noted all along for years that that man is wound. He was wound when he was with Satsuki Mitchell, gripped her hand on a carpet to steady him during interviews, painfully uncomfortable in the spotlight, and still now he’s unused to the heat, even though he may be about to become, by box office standards, the biggest movie star in the world. Or maybe that’s exactly what it is.

Cowboys & Aliens opens this weekend. It should, with its cast and production team and hype, open at #1. But by what margin? I think it needs to do more than $70 million. If it doesn’t do more than $70 million, at least, which is just more than Captain America, how do you justify Harrison Ford and Jon Favreau and the involvement of Steven Spielberg?

I had a conversation with a few agents at Comic-Con about the appeal of Daniel Craig. They all told me – there’s only one Daniel Craig right now: he’s a real man, a believable REAL man. All the rest of them, next to him, they’re just boys. Agree or disagree?

As for his relationship with Rachel – I keep calling it torrid, due to its beginning, and of course the speed with which they progressed into marriage. Torrid romances are often volatile. Am curious if theirs is. And if so what that might look like. It’s pervy but, um, imagine make-up sex with Daniel Craig?

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com