I’ve seen Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell together in person. I’ve seen the way he can’t let go of her hand. How he can’t walk a carpet without her. How he’s the one who’s kinda clingy. Not limp dick clingy but hot clingy. Incredibly sexy. Click here for a refresher from Cannes 2007.

In photos I agree. She’s not the cutest. I’m telling you though, in person, she’s much prettier. Has a great smile, a really unique look. Besides, it really doesn’t matter if you think she’s ugly. He clearly doesn’t.

Last night, the big deal….


The London premiere.

Daniel rocked every inch of his suit. Oh la. I like the trim…you? As usual, he was attached to Satsuki’s side, tenderly walking her down the carpet. London gossips are already buzzing that she’s pregnant and he certainly treated her like the mother of his children.

What followed was SO romantic.

When inside the theatre, after everyone took their seats, Daniel stood up and delivered a few short remarks, ending with:

I love Satsuki Mitchell.

He publicly declared himself. On Bond night. Can you imagine???

Laura – are you ok?

My friend Laura, she lives for him. I fear she may have just passed out.

So, you see, again, you can say what you want about her weird little face. But she’s the weird little face getting Daniel Craig to announce to a cinema full of people, including the Princes, that she’s his one and only.


I’ll take that weird little face.

Thanks V!

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com