Love Daniel Craig. Hate ragging on Daniel Craig. But is he being a little bitch?

Daniel and Hugh Jackman are prepping their play A Steady Rain for Broadway. Apparently Daniel has requested round the clock security to shadow him while Hugh, as we’ve seen, has been super low maintenance, happy to come and go on his own, as approachable and as modest as ever.

According to a Page Six source no one thinks Daniel’s request is necessary: "Everybody thinks it's funny because the truth is, Daniel rarely gets approached by the public in the street and at restaurants -- especially now that he has the huge handlebar moustache for this role.”

In fairness to him, Craig fans can certainly bring the crazy. I’ve seen the obsession first hand through my inbox. Conspiracy theories, frightening hate for his fiancee Satsuki Mitchell, an alarming need to know where he is at all times…

But it’s not like Hugh doesn’t have his share of lunatics either. When you take on a franchise like Wolverine, it’s part of the game.

And if you agree to be Bond…


Attention and adoration are lavished upon the popular. It’s not like 007 is an indie flick.

Man up.

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