Daniel Craig is still wearing that moustache for a steady rain. Went out the other day with Satsuki Mitchell and his parents in skinny jeans. He looks good in skinny jeans. You’d think his thighs would be too thick. It works on him. Been trying to get Jacek to try some skinnies but he is allergic to being stylish.

This post is for my friend Laura who is coming up on her one year anniversary of Robert Pattinson moisting which replaced her moisting for Daniel Craig. Every day, with so much New Moon marketing, Laura sends me overheated emails after seeing photos and watching clips of Pattinson online.

Perhaps a shot of D Craig in his leather jacket will help her out of her misguided lust haze. Jacek is not hopeful. He has written her off. He also sent her a present a while ago. She really liked it.

Photos from MARIO MAGNANI/Bauergriffinonline.com