The rating for Abduction are up to 5% now from 3% last week. The reviews for Daniel Craig’s Dream House? Currently sitting at 7%. That’s as bad as a Katherine Heigl/Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler release. Maybe even worse.

While it’s not surprising that Tom Cruise’s Junior Mint takes a sh-t with the critics, Daniel Craig is supposed to be made of more quality muscle. His last two releases however have been busts. The next two? Not sure about TinTin but after the last trailer for Girl Dragon Tattoo - click here - things look much more promising. And then of course there’s Bond 23 which Daniel will begin shooting this month.


Some people, and I have heard from you, don’t think he belongs in the Movie Star category and the one-two-fail of Cowboys & Aliens and Dream House supports your position. Since he’s currently on my Ass List for having such a pissy attitude, I can’t fight you very hard on this either. This is where Catherine Tate would be useful. Of course now that I’m hungry and I’m thinking about Catherine Tate, I thought of Tempura. Battered. Veg.  

Attached - Daniel Craig in New York on Saturday.