I prefer him in a suit. Daniel Craig is amazing in a suit. Jeans too, sure. Clothing that is tailored. With structure.

Not sweats.

I wish…

I wish I could turn back 10 minutes. I wish I had avoided this set of photos. I wish I had seen the thumbnail and taken it as a warning that Bond’s loser track pants would kill my quiver, possibly even forever.

Ew!! Ew!!! Ew!!!!

Why are they so short?

Because the material is too busy rounding itself over his BUBBLE ASS!!!

Remember Marcus from About a Boy? Remember Marcus’s lame sh-t wardrobe? Remember how his trousers were always 5 inches above the ground?

Why is Daniel Craig wearing work out pants five inches above the ground??? Even Satsuki looks embarrassed.


This is not a fried rice week.

First Taylor Kitsch gets dwarfed. Now Daniel Craig can’t dress. The world sucks today.

Photos from ROCHA/